Consistency Champs!

Back and forward... that's the name of the game my Champs! We had to make a switch up to now proudly announce that the best supplements are BACK. Harder than before and raw like we were back in the day.

Boss Gainz started out to help all those Champs with only what they need to become a big breeder. Now we're back there... with love for you, everything you need for the... JUNGLE.

Keep working Champ... show everyone your progress, because YOU KNOW...

Steady we move towards greatness.


Everything we do, we do with dedication and passion. We don't pretend to be the big league, but we keep our feet on the ground. We want everyone to enjoy their time in the Jungle. But with the right supplements. Everything you see and read here comes from our passion for the sport. Born from a normal boy from Hoogvliet Rotterdam.


Together with the experts, we develop and improve our basic supplements into better end products. Our focus is on providing only the supplements that you need on a daily basis. Our supplements are competitively priced and will soon also be available locally at Time Out Sportcenter in Hoogvliet Rotterdam.