Moneyyy Pre workout

For over 4 years, Moneyyy pre has been the best all-round pre workout in the scene! We were the first to come with a pre in the Kool-aid flavor as you are used to from the Toko. Away with those bad tastes, but a classically formulated pre-workout without a crash afterwards.

All those Champs ask every day! specifically about Moneyyy pre, and we are going to provide you with those back in the day pre workouts from MONEYYY.
10/10 rated by over 10,000 Champs!
All-round balanced pre-workout
300 m/gram Caffeine per scoop
More than 300 grams per pot

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    Taste: Kool Aid Cherry

    Kool Aid Cherry
    Tropical Punch
    Frozen Red Berry
    Kool-Aid Blueberry
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    Consistency & Balance = Key my Champ!

    Moneyyy pre is available again. Our number 1 pre for over 4 years. A fully balanced pre-workout made for athletes who are looking for a pre-workout that does what it says. Rock hard in the Jungle! Moneyyy Pre workout is pure quality. This is reflected in the taste, solubility and effect. After four years and more than 10,000 sales of Moneyyy pre alone, we can say that Moneyyy pre is a success. Today's Moneyyy Pre has been perfected and tastes even better than ever before.

    We've been away for a while and the scene has changed, but one thing hasn't changed and that's Moneyyy Pre!

    Moneyyy Pre workout includes: 300mg Caffeine, Beta-Alanine, L-Citruline and Taurine. This is the pre-workout for young champs and those champs who think they already master the jungle. Stay consistent my man, with moneyyy pre you will tame that jungle. Don't forget to stretch before you get going.


    What's in Moneyyy?

    Supplement facts

    Dosage: 1 scoop (10 grams).
    Number of doses: 30 pieces (total contents jar: 300 grams)


    Per scope

    Beta Alanine

    3000 mg


    3000 mg


    1000 mg

    Choline Bitartrate

    700 mg

    AKG Arginine

    700 mg

    Caffeine Anhydrous


    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine


    Guarana Seed Extract

    100 mg





    Warning (PLEASE read before use)

    We would like to point out to you Moneyyy! use wisely. This pre is formulated to work on 1 scope and more is therefore not necessary.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Melanie De Reus
    De beste

    Dit is echt de beste pre die je kan hebben. Geen after dip of hoofdpijn. Gewoon knallen

    Erol Ka
    Erol Ka

    Top spul werkt goed beste in de game

    brian van kilsdonk

    Moneyyy Pre workout

    Jason Sprock


    Lino Martilia
    Money pre workout kool aid

    Beste pre workout in the scene

    No nonsense Champ!

    Moneyyy pre has been developed in collaboration with Migiboss where the formulation has been optimized for practice. It has to work for those big breeders, the assignment was 4 years ago! We can put all kinds of things on paper, but what happens in the jungle is what counts! and that's why Moneyyy pre is still relevant. This pre continues to amaze us!

    We can honestly call Moneyyy a classic, but make no mistake... this is still a heavy breeder!

    No nonsense

    Pure performance! Contains everything for a gruesome jungle session!

    More than 10,000 customers

    For you we have experienced Moneyyy. Classic no-nonsense pre!

    Promotes sharpness, focus, drive and energy

    300 mg caffeine per serving to increase focus and alertness

    No crash afterwards

    No crash or other annoying side effects after your training.

    The best taste in the scene!

    No bad taste or grains in your mouth, but a pre that tastes like lemonade Champ!

    Supports anabolic hormone production

    Long-term nutritional support for muscle growth and recovery.

    Kool-Aid Blueberry....

    Boss Gainz is back and we're doing it in style. Directly available from stock a new flavor Moneyyy Pre.

    Kool-aid Blue Berry... Extremely scary flavor that YOU have to try. A completely different level of taste as you can expect from us.

    Sold more than 10,000 times

    Moneyyy pre has been purchased more than 10,000 times via Boss Gainz and we are of course very proud of that. Many Champs have discovered fitness and stretching through Boss Gainz and we have only just started to wake up all those boys and girls with the best supplements in the scene!

    Everyone who has tried Moneyyy has his or her favorite flavor. We like them all!


    BossGainz is back and with a full focus on how we once started! Supplements with an emphasis on performance, YESS SIRRR! No nonsense, just what you need every day for a crazy session in "The Jungle!".